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Shove it on the internet, sit back and wait...?

Contrary to oft-quoted wisdom today, no!

The difference between achieving the best selling and buying prices, or not, could be £20,000, £50,000, even £100,000.

What could you do with the extra money? Retire earlier? Pay school fees easier? Or just enjoy a better standard of living? Choosing the best service will help you do this. It really is that important.

This is why we start with one question  - what are you trying to achieve? It's extremely important we know where this process needs to take you, and why.

Then we look at the property. Who will buy it and why? What aspects are big positives? Which less so? Can we improve its desirability? What is our competition?

From this point we can start to plan how to market your property, and when. The marketing we provide is the highest quality in the industry. It accurately portrays what the viewer will actually see when they arrive. This means each viewer is more likely to buy it. And because we have a great rapport with our buyers they trust us to show them the right properties, even when often it isn't what they thought they wanted!

In addition, here's a few extra reasons why our clients choose us.

  • Oxford Times - we secure a high number of editorials, advertising money cannot buy.

  • Networking - we have contacts in HR and recruitment departments everywhere from technology parks to University Colleges. We also work closely with search agents acting for buyers from across the globe. 

  • Global reach - On average, 15% of our buyers come from overseas, and 50% from outside our county.

  • Focused portfolio - we take the view if we keep a small register we have more time for each client and each buyer. This ensures we sell more of our stock, and at higher prices, than our competitors

  • Technology - We changed our entire IT system in 2018. This investment ensures a faster response, greater security, and greater marketing power.

  • Local knowledge - A buyer not knowing the schools/ commuting routes/ local amenities/ your situation may never view your property unless the agent can show them the assets.

  • Suppliers - will your buyer need help extending, decorating, or simply finding a mortgage or solicitor? Having all the contacts they need makes it easier for them to buy through us.

  • Buyer relationship - the agent who has the best rapport with his buyers sells more properties, and we know our buyers!

  • ABOVE ALL, we never forget we are working for you...

We're proud of our service and our clients love what we do. However there is no substitute for getting to know us and decide what you think of our company.

We would be delighted to have a discreet, no-strings attached discussion at your convenience. Please call or email us, we look forward to talking to you soon.