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Seek and ye shall find 

Did you miss the house you wanted because you couldn't react fast enough?

Are you keen to buy but don’t know the best way to go about it?

Once you have decided to buy how do you find, let alone secure, your ideal home?

We offer two services to ensure you get the result you want, on time, on budget and with the least possible time pressure.

Property Finder:

Designed for busy people who would love to buy but need a reliable method of doing so, this service covers every base.

From initial consultation we start searching for that perfect property. The methods we employ are exceptionally diverse, but include:

  • A market-wide search of current properties for sale, including discussion with other agents about future properties potentially coming to the market.

  • Proactive search - you tell us where you would like to live and the type/ style of property you are looking for, we will contact the owners of those properties.

  • We contact large companies regularly, are any of their staff moving offices?

  • Employer relocation packages often allow employees to move before marketing their property. We speak to Relocation Agents about those leaving the area, sometimes securing a deal before a property reaches the market.

  • Viewings can be conducted on your behalf. We then report our findings, taking photos or videos as required.

  • We can negotiate on your behalf with the selling agent to secure the property at the lowest possible price.

  • From point of agreement to the moment you receive the keys to your new property, we manage the whole process.

  • At all stages of the process we can offer you a source of reliable contractors, from finance advisers, solicitors and surveyors to builders and designers.

The above is an effective way of ensuring you have one point of contact covering every aspect of your search and purchase, right through from first search to completion.
Property Acquisition:

Designed for busy people who have made the first step and seen several properties that they are keen on, but need assistance taking the process forward to a successful purchase. 

What should you offer? 

How do you ensure you are seen as a great buyer? 

Can you move fast enough to compete for the right property? 

Are you worried you don't have the time to ensure the purchase goes through?

We can take away all the stress and time pressure, and add the full weight of our experience and knowledge. You tell us which properties you would like us to investigate, we handle the rest from negotiation through to completion. 

We research the market for you and advise on a suitable price based on comparable evidence, to ensure you do not pay over the odds. We discuss the specific background to the property with the agent to ensure your position is made attractive to the seller. We advise you on the level of offer you should put forward. We negotiate with the selling agent on your behalf.

Once an offer is accepted we handle all the chasing of the selling agent, solicitors, mortgage company, surveyors - right through to completion. We can even direct you to reliable solicitors, mortgage advisers etc who have a track record of working smoothly and swiftly.

As with our Property Finder service, while you make the ultimate decisions, you know at all times an experienced company is maximising the chance of your success while minimising the impact on you.
If you require further information on either service, or for that matter you have a different requirement, please contact
 James Cridland for a discreet initial discussion.